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Empowered Paths, LLC

I'm glad you're here. Chances are if you've found yourself to this site you are looking for something different. Maybe even looking to ‘take the reins’ so to speak in regard to your health.

I was searching too…

I’m a C-IAYT Yoga Therapist and NAMA Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor. Yoga and Ayurveda have offered answers to me where there were none; from my deepest philosophical questions to what I should have for breakfast!  I am fascinated by these two ancient wisdom traditions and happy to share them with you. The well of science is deep;  Ayurveda literally means ‘Science of Life'. It is based on the understanding that we are unique and a one size fits all approach does not apply. Seeing the world through this lens has opened up possibilities and empowered me to live a more healthy and vibrant life. I’m excited to share this path with you!


Hi I'm Shawn~

Empowered Paths Health Coaching is informed by the power of Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda. Together these Vedic sciences offer endless support for transformation.

There is growing awareness that yoga is not only for the young, flexible body. It's for everybody and every  body. If you are looking for practices that will meet you where you are on your wellness path, EPHC is here for you. There is no need to wait until you feel better, lose 10lbs, get a yoga mat.... or whatever else might be holding you back! If you have a body and you are breathing - there are practices accessible to you. Each session is customized to help you reach your goals. 

Using tools to help:

  • Re-educate the body and mind to shift into its rest, renew & heal state, allowing positive change to happen in the body and the mind. You will also learn why this is important for your well-being.

  • Establish better body mechanics, shining a light on dysfunctional movement patterns in the body

  • Improve circulation, mobility, balance, and flexibility

  • Improve breath function, gaining energy and vitality

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Release emotionally held tension in the body

  • Build resiliency for life's ups, downs, and transitions

In addition to specific health benefits, yoga is often described as having a 'non-specific' healing effect, which means you just feel better all around, physically, mentally and emotionally. 




With Gratitude

A deep bow to my teachers, past, present and future.

I am grateful for your guidance and continual support;

Katy Knowles, Lilias Folan, Nancy Schalk, Kathryn Templeton, Dr. Rosy Mann, Dr. Vasant Lad and Indu Arora.

Thank you for lighting my path and empowering me always.

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